A Glitch About Nothing

Video Example


A Glitch About Nothing


The name of our art installation is “ A Glitch about Nothing.” The project will involve the glitching and distortion of the series, “Seinfeld.” The content that will be glitched will be a variety of images, video, and sound as well. The reason for this is to be able to capture the very essence of the show, while manipulating to become something slightly different. The purpose of gitch is not only to distort or create a certain aesthetic, although glitch is a great way of doing creating an aesthetic, glitch gives us a insight on the boundaries and limitations of software or hardware. As technology pushes forward, so does the idea of glitch. Seinfeld is often described as a show about nothing. At the time that seinfeld came out, the comedy sitcom genre was defined in a different manner. However Seinfeld appeared and broke away from the mold of the family sitcom that had been heavily present in television since its very beginning. “ Dispute the operating templates of creative practice. Fight genres, interfaces and expectations!” However although it broke away from the elements of the family sitcom, it still managed to maintain some of them. In a sense Seinfeld glitched the idea of the sitcom. Seinfeld is described as a show about nothing. So it is going to be rather interesting to glitch something out of “nothing”. Our project will depict and glitch this beloved series. It will immerse the viewer through the use of visual and audio.

Process & Method

The very first part of our project will involve presenting the cast of the series. The characters the series that we will be presenting are Jerry Seinfeld, Elaine Benes, George Constanza, Cosmo Kramer and Newman, the most beloved enemy in the series, and his role is actually quiet fascinating. Seinfeld consists of 9 seasons and 180 episodes. This allows and opens up the possibility of doing countless edits, due to the high amount of content we can have. We will  gather iconic clips and glitch them up and form a compilation or clip show like thing. We can glitch theme songs for each character. We try to apply a theme for each character, according to their roles in the show, and they movement and voices.

Besides editing in after effects we could also use premiere. However I suggested the use of vhs and Bobby expanded on it by glitching the end result.  A glitch will be glitched. Expanding on Bobby’s idea, after we complete our glitched videos, we can transfer them onto a vhs. Once it is in a vhs tape, the fun begins. If time allows we can further manipulate and corrupt the film of the tape and manually edit. We can then use CRT’s in our installation if we decide to present it in this format, if not we can use a projector and ideally get 5 walls, if that’s possible.

Violet has a wonderful aesthetic and we can apply the way she uses colour and glitches it in a almost post impressionist way. Violet’s technique brings out the pixels, the fine bits, it could be compared to the works of pointillism artists.  

As we progress technologically, we seem to lost contact with each other. Technology although pushing the boundaries of what is possible tomorrow, it also acts as a wall that divides people. I wish to remind people of a time where we weren’t all glued to our phones, and where not everything could be solved with an app. We live in a world, where “there is an app for that” is a advertising tag line. The use of technology in seinfeld is also very interesting, although technology is portrayed and displayed throughout the show, it never is used as a solution, on the contrary it seems to cause even more problems. Which end up resulting in a many comedic scenarios. The show ultimately manages  to give the viewer an in depth look at this other world.

As for the roles of our group, each of us will apply our own aesthetic to different mediums. Seeing how violet’s image edits had a very unique look to them, she will be applying this to the different portraits of the cast members. Violet will also be doing some of the sound and audio edits of our instillation. Seeing how Bobby and Miguel are more familiar with the content of the series, they are working on gathering the video content as well editing it. Due to their being nine seasons, and around 20 episodes per season, it is a lot of content to go through. It is much easier for someone who is familiar with the content to be able to choose what scenes best represent the cast members and their character. The video content will go attached with the portraits of each character and will be used in order to present the audience with an idea of how the series and characters interact in their world. Seeing how there is a lack of an important plot line, and it’s the character interactions that make the show so great. .

To begin, the plot points and characters are well very mundane, on their own the scenarios present aren’t anything out of the ordinary. There is nothing about the plot that makes the show what it is. Instead the series focuses on the delivery and the reaction to the scenarios to create a comedic effect. Also its introduction of various characters over the years is rather fascinating, they managed to create a whole universe, an immersive world, that seems possible to coexist with our very own. The continuity in the series is consistent, with a lot of jokes calling back to previous episodes without acknowledging them, it’s up to the viewer to understand. The show truly is about nothing, although there was 9 seasons, and several plot lines develop over it, there is no definite “goal” or reason for the story. However the reason for this that, the show covered so many topics, it is rather difficult to pinpoint which of the topics or ideas explored define it. The show ultimately breaks away from every other show, in the sense that there is no deeper meaning to it, there is no symbolism, or idealism. The cast is shown to go through hard times and fun times, but in the end, everything is well, the cast moves on forward, whether the plot or problem is solved or not.

This is another example of how the series breaks away from the mold of the standard sitcom. There is no reason for the viewer to stayed glued to their seats, there is nothing to gain out of simply binge  watching the show, not that it isn’t worthy of binge watching. But if one looks at the content for what it truly is, it’s rather surprising and interesting how they manage to capture an audience using the format they do. The viewer isn’t binging for a romantic plot line, or any other long story arc. However, the comedy and the writing are what makes it a joy to watch. For this very reason, glitching Seinfeld will be a very interesting thing to do. Seeing how there is no story to be told in the content itself. Once we glitch it, its meaning and purpose becomes defined by our intentions, if we happen to have any.

We will be responsible for glitching each character in Seinfeld, and do it bases on each character’s characteristic. Since Violet am not that familiar with this TV as Robert and Miguel, she will first watch some of the episodes they recommend, and then pick her favorite one to work on. Each of us will be responsible on multiple clips. Since this show is “a show about nothing.” All the characters are normal people in the daily life. We can find their characteristics even in ourselves. Therefore, we will try to glitch each character with a style to distinguish each of him.


Most of the scenes in Seinfeld is composed of conversation, so there are many shot/reverse shot in each episode. We have an idea that glitch each character’s background with a similar glitch effect, so each character has a recognizable glitch background, and this will have an impressive effect in the shot/reverse conversation scene.

Since this is a comedy sitcom, there are a lot of non-diegetic audience laughing sound. We are also interested to glitch those laughing voices when we are glitching the episode or clip. We can try to lower or higher the pitch of those sound, or add band effect to distort it. Also, glitching the lines of the characters is interesting too. Highing or lowing voiceline of each will make them become recognizable. For the installation,  we should try to find a widescreen to play our glitched episode of Seinfeld. With a paper model of each model and poster of the title as decoration. At the end of the day is it going to be a rather fascinating work of art that can properly represent Seinfeld to the unknown viewer.