Reading assignment:

Prior to reading Digital Dualism And The Glitch Feminism Manifesto by Legacy Russel, I was not very informed on the topic of glitch feminism nor did I think it was a word that existed. After reading for just a couple of paragraphs, I was then educated that it “embraces” how often errors occur by pointing out that technology is not the only thing that glitches. Society has glitched in many ways over the course of history as our society/system was disturbed with stratifications that include race, sexuality, socialization, and “The imperialist wrecking ball of globalization”. The article later defines it as, “Glitch Feminism therefore is feminism for a digital age” and says that it is not gender specific. Throughout the article, it seems to personify the glitch and bring it to life as a human being that “refuses to be categorized as subtext”. The article was a bit confusing to read and understand due to the complicated manner in which it is written. The author defines “Glitch Feminism” as many things that make me, as a reader, quite confused as to what it really is.


Soundscape project:

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Kanye’s College Dropout (Color crusher)