Queerness and Glitch

After reading the articles Digital Dualism and the Glitch Feminism Manifesto as well as Queer/Error: Gay Media Systems and Processes of Abjection, I found it interesting that we can compare computers/technology with other aspects of life. I also feel that these articles show how glitch can be based on opinion. Nothing can be considered a perfect system to everyone.  There will always be someone who disagrees, and a lot of the time, those people would call what they deem as disagreeable as a “glitch”, because in most minds, a glitch is something negative. With the case of combining Queer and Error, this type of thinking is probably within many homophobic minds. They may believe queerness to be an error in the system (or body in this case), and that it is something meant to be fixed. But many others see it as something beautiful and to be accepted. And I believe that since our society is taught to believe glitch is something wrong, those open minded people are more than likely to not define Queerness as a glitch. But if we think about it, glitch goes against the societal norms, and shows the breaks in the “normal” system people once agreed upon. It also brings to light unpopular opinions. So can we define queerness as a glitch and not think of it as negative, but as something natural and beautiful in the system? Can the idea of glitch have a different meaning for someone when compared to Queerness, depending on the opinion of that person?

Glitch Feminism

In Digital Dualism and the Glitch Feminism Manifesto, Legacy Russell writes, “The glitch is the happy accident.” This is similar to what has been said about glitch in many of the other readings because it notes the subversive aspect of purposeful or accepted error, as well as the idea of something new being born out of an accident. However, for Russell, this idea is profoundly sexual. She goes on to assert that, because glitch is an error in a system, glitch feminism within a patriarchy is simultaneously subversive and positive in its use of, “error.”

Feminist/Queer Glitch

Both the feminist and queer glitch manifestos dealt with the idea that we are breaking away from the societal norm and creating something for ourselves. The feminist manifesto talks about how rather than viewing glitch as an error, it is a way to escape and a new platform for people to fight for equality. The manifesto discusses how digital is perfect for that in relation to porn and sex. Just like how foreplay in sex makes us ready to seize what we want, teasing us, a glitch in the digital, ie. The spinning beach ball of doom, the hourglass, buffers, etc, has the same effect. The normal continuous world is not what excites us. It is the little buffers and glitches that stop us from getting what we want, that invigorates us. Similarly, the queer manifesto asserts that we should go against society in order to believe in what we believe is right. We should not be accepting what we are told to believe or do what we are told to do, but rather act on our own beliefs. We should be willing to break the rules and standards of society. The article discusses about how the government went through extreme lengths in order to contain normality within the society under their rules such as raiding gay clubs. This just comes to show that we are living in a society that is strictly managed by what we consider social norms and that we should also be breaking away from these norms in order to truly express ourselves. We should be the glitches in society that aren’t errors, but beautiful creations.

Glitching is the happy incident

Through the readings, I understand how unique people present themselves by Glitch Art. To be perverted, is to be in error. Representing in the error is the way for homosexual people to show up themselves to the society. They use their body with art in order to express their deepest fantasies and desire. Glitch becomes a way for them to self-expresson, and they no longer hide their sexual orientation. Instead of showing up the uniqueness of homosexual bodies directly, the artists utilizes them with glitch art. The mistakes they applied on the picture make them become more special and beautiful. Whether gay, lesbian, or porn stars, who are labeled particularly by the society, suffer different level of pressure from themselves, their family, or the society. The glitch splits the difference, and makes the difference become accepted. Creating error on the picture of the physical body of such special people, the viewers are able to see their deep mind through the art work, which is holding the love and bliss of being different.

Queer and Feminist Glitch

These two articles tackle two of the most hotbed social problems facing the United States today. Gender and sexual equality. Rather than the normal arguments for or against, these articles take an approach toward an alternative idea. How can glitch and glitch art be applied to these two communities? To feminists, glitch is an opportunity to say “fuck the systems” and move away from the choking patriarchy that has dominated society for generations. It is a way to move feminism into the digital age; a new frontier to fight the fight for equality on. Glitch is an opportunity to see the world outside the normal binary, black and white view of a digitized society and rather see the possibility of fluidity in gender and hopefully accept something different not as inherently wrong but rather as planned and uniquely beautiful. Queer error, on the other hand is a rather abject story on the gay community in relation to media and glitch. As the government feared for control they looked to marginalize an already marginalized community to wield power and keep “the old ways” in play. By raiding the clubs known to be frequented by queer people the government are mongering fear and taking advantage. In addition, by failing to recognize and portray the issues involved with an HIV/AIDS positive test, the main stream gay media – attempting to stay relevant and survive – severely neglected the needs  of those needing help. Just not looking at something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. By sweeping it under the rug they were able to save their own asses, while dooming countless others over lack of awareness and treatment.

The Glitch Manifesto

This reading on glitch by Legacy Russell made me think about glitch in a different way.  It was interesting when she was talking about glitch with sex and porn.  In today’s we as a culture have high demands for immediacy.  Our society functions in a way that attempts to be the most sufficient.  When our familiarity with our systems are disrupted it causes tension for example a buffering video will make us writhe with the desire for a video to play already.  This is even more the case in terms of pornography.  Someone watches porn because they are excited and seeking a release.  When a video buffers this glitch is teasing your desires bringing out a reaction in the viewer.  The glitch has the ability to hide what we desire to see.  This reading was in line with what we have been learning in class that glitches exist to disrupt the system.  Overall this article had an interesting perspective when talking about glitch.

Queer Glitch and Feminsm

The glitch feminism manifesto states” The glitch is the catalyst, not the error. The glitch is the happy accident. When the computer freezes mid-conversation, when the video buffers and refuses to progress, these moments are a new mode of foreplay, something that needs to be acknowledged not as a fetish, but as a new possibly for foreplay within sexual routine. We want what we cannot have; whatever the material we are aiming to access, the glitch makes us wait and whimper for it.” I found this quote to be rather fascinating, the idea of buffering due to unstable connections or an error in the network being part of the experience is something I never considered, but I do understand the concept. Sometimes the anticipation for something to load arouses or excites us since we know what desire is loading. Its a form of foreplay between the digital and the user.

Also the idea that glitch feminism is a way of breaking away from the patriarchy is something I’m interested in. I believe that it is of vital importance that we break away from this mold of what we expect women to be like. The system needs to be changed it needs to be glitched, and as the glitch manifesto said, it is important to break away from the standards and norms that are implemented from society. These social constructs are just a way of separating people and pitting people against each other. We need to glitch and change the system in order to be able to create a great change in the world where everyone is truly equal, and treated justly.

As for the queer error article, I found it rather sad that there raiding gay clubs. It seems that the government truly has a problem with those that try to abstract from what they want us to do. The government is constantly trying to control our lives and invade our privacy, and I think this is wrong. We should be allowed to break boundaries and create change. The only way to change society is to glitch it, and go against what the patriarchal people in power want us to believe. Also idealogies being sold to us, we are constantly targeted ads its as if they want us to live a lifestyle they have set for us. But I am completely against this. I wanna break the boundaries and redefine film and high art and high fashion. I wanna create something that abstracts from the norm and critiques the disgusting world we live in, I wish to give people of colour and those in the lgbtq community a chance to be properly represented. I am mexican and grew up in a bad neghbourhood, lot of gangs and what not, I could of easily accepted my life in the hood and do what is expected from mexicans. However I decided to glitch what was expected from me and go to uni and create a change, make films, documentaries, high art and high fashion. I wanted to glitch away from east la and the gangs and the violence. I just want to create beautiful things for the world to enjoy.